Snow Egret skipping across the water. copyright 2011 Ken Meats About Ken

Ken Meats, RBP, has been a working photographer for over 30 years.

His photograph: "Snowy Egret: Skipping Through the Water" won a Citation of Metrit Award in the Still Media: Natural Science category at BioImages 2012.

A second photograph, "Painted Turtle Basking" was also accepted for exhibition in the gallery show that is part of Biocomm 2012 A Journey in Inspiration, at the College of the Atlantic (COA) in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Painted Turtle basking © Ken Meats, RBP His work was shown at Alternative Grounds in Toronto in 2011 and was part of two art shows at the University of Toronto; Till We Have Faces, at the Toronto School of Theology and Peace and Reconciliation during Refresh 2009, at Wycliffe College. He has also been profiled in a Hospital News and Photolife following his presentation on The History of medical photography during the Contact 2006 photography festival. He is presently working on his next show.

Laser Microscope Ken worked at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto for 21 years. He started there as the research photographer; later working as a web and graphic designer before promotion to the manager of Graphics and New Media where he was responsible for the smooth running of Graphics and New Media and Printing.

As Manager of Graphics and New Media, he led the implementation of the rebranding initiative. This included the development of a consistent look and feel for documentation within the institution and, working with various departments and vendors, the development of updated stationery and forms using the new graphic brand. He was awarded the 2007 Karen McGibbon Award of Excellence – Seymour Schulich Honorarium, recognizing outstanding effort and commitment in providing quality service at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Food vendor in the Amber Fort, India

In the eighties he worked at the King Fahad Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as Senior Medical Photographer in Media Services. As acting Media Manager, was responsible for a 4 person section which included Art, Video and AV production.

He has also served in the Lake Ontario Chapter and on the Board of Registry of the Bio-Communications Association (BCA). He received Certification as a Registered Biological Photographer, from the Biological Photographic Association (BPA) in 1992. He has presented papers and workshops at the BCA and in the Journal of Biological Photography and the Journal of Bio-Communications and taught in the Media and New Technology program at University of Toronto.

Ken is available for contract or freelance assignments in photography, design or audio visual support.